A lightweight and extremely fast Python web framework.

Welcome to WebCore

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Who’s going to use it? Software developers seeking to write fast, maintainable code.
How does it look? Clean and efficient, with almost zero code overhead and good documentation.
What does it do? For a full list of features, see the Features page.

“Full Stack” Component Architecture

Database Engines SQLAlchemy, MongoDB, MongoEngine
Templating Engines Mako, Genshi, Jinja2, Cheetah and more
Serialization Formats JSON, YAML, Bencode, Pickle and more
Dispatch Dialects Object Dispatch, Routes, XML-RPC, JSON-RPC, Flash Remoting
Extras Authentication, Authorization, Beaker Sessions & Caching, Any WSGI Middleware

With WebCore it’s Easy to get Started

Installation is trivially easy, just execute the following in a terminal session:

$ curl get.web-core.org | python - myenviron

If you already have a virtual environment, you can run the following instead:

(myenviron)$ pip install WebCore

Here’s an example of a simple application:

See Gist #240887 (http://gist.github.com/240887) on GitHub.